Boat Stone 200 Vs Boat Stone Grenade Full Comparison

Compare the Price, Color, speaker, sound quality, connectivity options, battery capacity, Playtime, Charging Time, microphone, waterproofness, Bluetooth range, Bluetooth version, warranty and lots more features of boat stone 200 vs boat stone grenade From The below Table.

Boat stone grenade and boat stone 200 full comparison

Model Boat Stone Grenade Boat Stone 200
Launch Year NA NA
Price ₹ 1,399 Check Current Price ₹ 1,299 Check Current Price
Speaker Type Mono 5W Mono 3W
HD Sound Yes Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth, SD Card, Aux Cable Bluetooth, Aux Cable
Bluetooth Range 10 M 10 M
Bluetooth Version V4.2 V4.1
Battery Type Lithium Lithium
Battery Capacity 1200 mAh 1500 mAh
Charging Time 2 hours 4 hours
Playback Time 7 hours 10 hours
Water-Resistant Yes IPX6 Yes IPX6
Microphone No No
Physical Buttons Yes Yes
Weight 350 g 322 g
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year
Return Under 15 days Under 15 days
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Service Center Yes Check Here Yes

Boat stone grenade and boat stone 200 real customer review

Boat stone grenade real review

Boat stone grenade real review

Boat stone 200 real review

Boat stone 200 real review

Boat stone 200 vs boat stone grenade specification

Price & color

The boat stone grenade costs around ₹ 1,399 while the stone 200 price is ₹ 1,299. please note that the price may vary and you can check the current price of these Bluetooth speakers anytime from the above comparison table.

If we talk about the color availability of these portable speakers, the boat stone grenade comes in only black color while the boat stone 200 is available in a deep sky blue, dark orange & black color.

Speaker & sound quality

If we compare the sound quality of these Bluetooth speakers, the boat grenade has a 5-watt mono channel speaker while stone 200 comes with a 3-watt mono channel speaker.

Both the speaker comes with very good Hd sound quality and bass effect.

Connectivity & Bluetooth range

The boat grenade comes with Bluetooth, Aux & SD card connectivity while the stone 200 has only Aux & Bluetooth connectivity.

The Bluetooth version in the boat stone grenade is v4.2 and its range is up to 10-meters. while the Bluetooth version in stone 200 is v4.1 and its connectivity range is the same as that of the boat grenade.

Battery, charging time & playback time

Both the speakers have a Lithium-ion battery, the stone grenade has a 1,200 mAh battery which takes almost 2 hours to gets fully charged and lasts up to 7 hours.

While the stone 200 has a 1,500 mAh battery that takes almost 4 hours to gets fully charged and lasts up to 10 hours.

Waterproof & microphone

The stone grenade & the stone 200 both are IPX6 certified waterproof Bluetooth speakers and both speakers lack microphones.

Physical button & weights

Both the speakers have a few essential buttons, such as the power button for powering the speaker on or off, volume up ( + ) & volume down ( - ) button to control the volume, next ( > ) & previous ( < ) buttons, pause & play buttons.

Both the Bluetooth speakers weigh almost the same, the weight of the stone grenade is 350 grams while the weight of the stone 200 is 322 grams.

Warranty & service center

All the boat speakers have a warranty of 1 year and their service center is available in almost every state.

You can get detailed info about the warranty and service center of these portable Bluetooth speakers by visiting the link from the comparison table above.

Free shipping & return policy

It depends upon the seller of these speakers that they will charge you for shipping or not but generally if we bought something that costs above ₹ 1,000, the shipping charge is not taken.

Return policy or return period depends upon the seller or e-commerce websites. different e-commerce websites have different return policies. so please read the return policy before buying any product.

And if you want to buy these Bluetooth speakers with a maximum return period, buy them from their official websites by following the link in the above comparison table.

Boat stone 200 vs boat stone grenade comparison video


How do you know boat Stone 200 is fully charged?

When the charging indicators stop glowing, stone 200 got fully charged.

Is boat Stone 200 waterproof?

Yes,  boat stone 200 is waterproof and is powered by IPX6.

Is BoAt an Indian company?

Yes, Boat is an Indian Company established in 2015 and mainly built earwear ( like headphones and Bluetooth speakers).

My view on Boat Stone Grenade Vs Boat Stone 200

Boat stone grenade is a newly launched Bluetooth speaker than boat stone 200 and has some extra and features as compare to boat stone 200 such as has an sd card slot.

If we compare boat stone 200 vs boat stone grenade then boat grenade will the best choice to buy.

So what do you think which is the best boat stone 200 or boat stone grenade, Share your thinking in the comment box.

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